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The Champagne Slopes, Houses and Cellars – an illustrious yet little-known world.

livre_un_monde_illustre_et_inconnuThe application Coteaux, houses and cellars of Champagne for everyone.

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Panoramic views of the vineyards of Champagne

livre_vues_panoramiquesA stunning box set containing a comparative study of the development of the landscapes of the Champagne region over the 1887 – 2007 period.

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Encyclopaedia of the Champagne cellars

9782846684804_mlA beautiful book on the world of Champagne cellars and chalk pits where develops the most celebrated beverage in the world.
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research and inventories of the Côte des Blancs

9782846684149_mlMore than a comprehensive inventory, this book lists in each town in the Côte des Blancs, the original elements that shape the exclusive character of this prestigious area.
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Avenue de Champagne, Epernay

avenue_de_champagne First part devoted to the history, old documents from municipal archives and private collections, and current photographs on architecture, gardens, cellars and finally the moments of festivity and excitement, Clothing Light etc.
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Documentation and research


Inventaire du patrimoine industriel du Champagne - Coteaux, Maisons et caves de Champagne - 2012

Inventory of Champagne’s industrial heritage (Epernay, historic slopes and Rheims), 2012.

Séminaire Coteaux, Maisons et Caves en perspective, un projet à partager - 2011

The proceedings of the Coteaux, Maisons and Caves de Champagne en perspective, un projet à partager seminar. – 2011

Charte d'engagement "Paysages du Champagne" - 2011

Commitment Charter « Champagne landscapes » – 2011

Référentiel architectural, patrimonial et Paysager (AUDRR) - 2009

Architectural repository, Heritage and Landscape (AUDRR) – 2009

Charte éoliennes et paysages du Champagne - Novembre 2008

Champagne Charter wind and landscapes – November 2008

Inventaire des paysages viticoles Champenois - 2008

Inventory of Champagne’s wine-growing landscapes, 2008

Inventaire du patrimoine bâti des villages de la Champagne viticole - 2007

Inventory of the built heritage of villages in the Champagne wine – 2007



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