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The photographs on this website are exclusively reserved for illustrating press articles about the Champagne Slopes, Houses and Cellars’ UNESCO World Heritage List application. All the photographs on the website are made available free-of-charge to the user.
They must not be used for advertising (billboards, purchase of space etc.) or commercial purposes (calendars, posters, postcards etc.).
The Association Paysages du Champagne is exclusively responsible for making available the photographs on this website and only makes them available to a single user for the form of usage specified on the order form.
Consequently, the user must not cede or loan the archives received to third parties, nor must the user utilize them for ends other than those listed on the order form and specified above.
The user must inform the Association Paysages du Champagne about any new form of usage of one or more photographs from our photo library.
Moreover, two copies of any printed document containing one or more photographs from the photo library must be sent by the user to the Association Paysages du Champagne, 5 rue Henri-Martin, 51200, Epernay, France.
Any usage of the photographs contained on this website must systematically be accompanied by copyright information, as mentioned on the site, using the following wording: Photographer’s name – for the Association Paysages du Champagne. The borrower must also respect the photographer’s moral rights and any alteration to these photographs is forbidden. Specifically, no cropping, tampering or any other changes must be made.
Each high definition photograph available in the download area bears the wording Photographer’s name – for the Association Paysages du Champagne in order to protect their creators.

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