Sites pilotes

Three pilot sites were selected to showcase landscaping and sustainable management in the wine business. These pilot sites bear the name of the AGIR programme: AGIR stands for Aménagement et GestIon duRable des coteaux, maisons et caves de Champagne (Champagne Slopes, Houses and Cellars Sustainable Management and Development). The three pilot sites are as follows:
– The historic Marne slopes of Cumières in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ.
– The Aubois slopes in Les Riceys district.
– The Axonais slopes in the Azy-sur-Marne and Bonneil districts.
The aim at the local level is to bolster the technical support given to the slope managers, so as to help them to make even faster progress in sustainable wine-growing and preserving and improving biodiversity and landscapes.
The AGIR programme is a real chance to be supported and aided by the technical services of the CIVC (joint trade body) and the Montagne de Reims Regional Nature Park in putting in place new practices and seeking funding for projects.
AGIR is a five-year multi-phase programme: evaluation of wine production practices and landscape assessment, suggested actions, action plan with objectives, monitoring.
The scheme was launched in spring 2012 for the historic slopes site and in summer 2013 for the Azy-sur-Marne, Bonneil and Les Riceys sites. The evaluation phase has been completed on the three sites and the first actions are being rolled out, for example: widespread usage of sexual confusion techniques, planting grass on the embankments, planting hedges around the holding ponds, clearing rubbish from the slopes etc.
Our partner, the Montagne de Reims Regional Nature Park has produced a handbook under the scope of the AGIR programme on the historic slopes: « Un paysage d’excellence pour un vin d’exception ! »
Guide pratique Paysage d'excellence pour vin d'exception

Guide pratique Paysages d’excellence pour vin d’exception


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